POPPIES - Mixed Media Collage 2018

Poppy with watch.JPG

MEMORY - Combined Mixed Media Collage 2018

This collage was made as the foundation for a presentation on Common Humanity completed in the first year of studying Creative and Therapeutic Arts. Collaborating with fellow student Poppy Taylor, we selected the WW1 Christmas Eve truce of 1914, when British and German soldiers emerged from the trenches to play a game of football. Even in the midst of war they displayed their common humanity. 

The British soldier, several poppies and the clouds were made from a 1914 newspaper. Old pocket watches were deconstructed as a metaphor for capturing a moment in time within the collage.

Poppy and I worked separately before bringing our collage together. I made the foreground poppies and the British solider, while she made the barren wasteland of no man's land and the German soldier.

My own Grandfather had fought in the First World War and as a child I remember my Grandmother showing me the beautiful embroidered cards he had managed to send home to her from France. However, he never spoke about the war. Poppy had heard stories about her family members involved in the conflict, so together we settled on the title "Memory" for our collaboration.