Design and Delivery
Creative Workshop - How Does Your Garden Grow? 2020

The images above came from a series of workshops designed to support older adult inpatients with cognitive impairment at St David's Hospital in Cardiff. Many of the participants were living with dementia and the nursing staff felt that regular art workshops would be of great benefit for their wellbeing. As well as design and delivery I was also responsible for promoting the art sessions, visiting patients on the ward to invite them to attend and putting up posters to keep everyone updated as to what the week's art activity would be.


Participants enjoyed the art activities and the sessions also became a social event and many said it was the highlight of their week. Music was a new addition to sessions with regular sing-songs and many participants really enjoyed making playlists, embracing the use of an iPod, to share their music choices with their newfound friends.


Hospital staff reported that participants who had previously been reluctant to engage socially were enjoying interacting with others between sessions and I'm delighted to say that the Monday art sessions we started in 2019 have become a permanent fixture on the wards. 


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