"Daisy Chain" is a hanging artwork made up of large silk daisies symbolising both the importance of nature in Pontypridd and the nurturing impact of the natural world on the resilience of the people of the town over time. This will be my Graduate Show project and will be displayed in Pontypridd Market 11th - 18th August 2021. 

Inspired by this artwork I have been inviting the people of Pontypridd to plant Ox-eye daisies to help the natural environment and to support wellbeing. Packets of daisy seeds have been distributed at Pete's Shop in Pontypridd, and If you'd like to join our daisy chain by sharing photos of what you've been planting, please email them to: sueehoz@gmail.com 


So far I have been planting alongside four generations of Pontypridd residents who live in a row of traditional cottages. Eve, Sara, Nina and Elaine have kept a photo diary of growing daisies together, while sharing memories of living in Pontypridd. Nina has lived in her cottage for well over seventy years and has shared old photos of how her home used to be, when she was just a little older then Eve.



With grateful thanks to Eve, Sara, Nina and Elaine, and special thanks to Sara Smith for the beautiful photographs.