Sue Hosler - Creative Arts Practitioner

About me

I AM AN ARTIST who is passionate about colour, vibrant, vivid and voluptuous colour, which I use to create visual, audio and tactile stories to encourage the world to smile.


Taking inspiration from nature, flora and fauna in particular, I make art that blooms from sharing what it is to be human with others. From storytelling and reminiscence to a brief snatched snippet of conversation, it is the diversity of ways in which to be creative that constantly feeds my imagination. Whether simply doodling with a pencil, using collage, photography, textiles or treasured words, I mix and match in my never-ending quest to catch the elusive essence of an experience, capturing its likeness, tangible for all time, whatever its shape or form.


Ever since cave dwellers first daubed earthy pigments on pre-historic rocky walls, the act of making a mark has had the power to communicate, fulfilling our most basic human need to reach out and make a connection. As a Creative Arts Practitioner it is this primeval drive that motivates my desire to share this never secret, but often overlooked, path to personal growth and happiness. Making art with others, facilitating inclusive and collaborative workshops that celebrate self-expression and wellbeing, can offer a proactive response to whatever life might throw our way.


It is joyously life affirming to say I AM AN ARTIST but being able to say WE ARE ALL ARTISTS is without doubt the most precious, positive and accessible affirmation of them all.   

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